HFESNZ milestones

HFESNZ has a proud history in New Zealand, which is marked by some key milestones of the organisation, and the industry itself.

1966 Founding of the Ergonomics Society of Australia and New Zealand (ESANZ)
1986 The New Zealand Ergonomics Society (NZES) formed
1991 NZES became a federated member of International Ergonomics Association
1997 Board for Certification of New Zealand Ergonomists formed
2012 Name change to Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of New Zealand (HFESNZ)
  Taskforce for Workplace Health and Safety formed following the Pike River mine disaster in 2010
2014 HFESNZ becomes a founding member of the Health and Safety Association of New Zealand (HASANZ)
2015 HFESNZ rule revision with inclusion of Associate and Certified Professional members
2017 HFESNZ rule revision with inclusion of Technical Professional members
2018 Launch of HASANZ register 
2019 Building the Professions: Health and Safety Workforce Pipeline Report (HASANZ)
2020 WorkSafe/HASANZ - HFESNZ Workforce Development Project


Historical Artefacts

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