Postgraduate Certificate

This qualification includes two compulsory courses, Occupational Ergonomics and Health Ergonomics, and one elective course which is selected from those approved for the pathway. The qualification equates to 60 credits, and the academic transcript will state the qualification has a focus on human factors and ergonomics. The PG certificate requires all courses to be run by AUT.


Structure of Postgraduate Certificate


RHAB811 Health Ergonomics


RHAB801 Occupational Ergonomics


Course from approved pathway – AUT courses only


Total credits



Postgraduate Certificate Course Descriptions

Health Ergonomics is a compulsory course that covers key HFE principles, concepts and tools/methods that can be used to evaluate exposure to physical and psychosocial risk factors operating within the broader system whilst developing an appreciation of individual worker characteristics. Topics covered in this course include user-centred workspace, anthropometry, data collection methods and task analysis, work demands and fatigue, body mechanics and musculoskeletal assessment, working with computers and mobile work.

Health Ergonomics is 15 credits and runs in Semester Two and is delivered using a combination of in-person and online learning strategies. There is a four day in-person teaching block which includes taught lectures, practical workshops and external speakers. Assessment is by written assignment (5000 words).

Occupational Ergonomics is a compulsory course that offers broad coverage of key topic areas in HFE, which include systems ergonomics; psychosocial, social and organisational aspects of work design; human characteristics and physical ergonomics; cognitive ergonomics; risk management; work environment; employment, training and education; participatory ergonomics; human centred design and safety thinking.

Occupational Ergonomics is 30 credits and runs in Semester One. It is delivered by a combination of in-person and online learning. There are two 3 day in-person teaching blocks which include taught lectures, practical workshops and presentations from external speakers. Assessments include a case study report (3000 words) and written assignment (5000 words)