Introducing our Competency Framework

Work is underway to implement a new Competency Framework by the end of 2022. A Competency Framework is a guide to the expected competencies for qualification as a human factors/ergonomics specialist. The competency framework will be used for all aspects of certification, education, support and pathways to professional development. It: 

  • Is consistent with international competence frameworks
  • covers the knowledge and skills required for HFE practice in New Zealand
  • sets a clear framework for HFE education and training programmes
  • is endorsed by the HFESNZ Professional Affairs Board
  • includes appropriate cultural competencies, including reference to the Treaty of Waitangi
  • provides a suitable framework for mentoring and continuing professional development (CPD) activities
  • aligns with the frameworks of other health and safety disciplines
  • is in a format suitable for HFESNZ Professional Affairs Board assessment activities and align with HASANZ Register processes.

Competence Framework

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