Systems Thinking Technical Group (Est launch Nov 2022)

The Systems Thinking Technical Group (STTG) offers a forum for fostering research and exchanging information on the integration of human factors and ergonomics into the development of systems. Rather than appearing to appear exclusive to one field of HFE by focusing on the macro view of ergonomics, the group would encourage members to consider the ‘inner’ system of the individual worker as their behaviour, cognition and physiology interacts together as well as with the wider sociotechnical system.

Members would be concerned with defining human factors/ergonomics activities and integrating them into the system development process to enable systems that meet user requirements.

Specific topics of interest include:

  • the system development process itself.
  • utilising tools and methods for predicting and assessing human capabilities and limitations,
  • creating principles that identify the role of humans in the use, operation, maintenance, and control of systems.
  • applying human factors and ergonomics data and principles to the design of human-system interfaces.
  • the full integration of human requirements into system and product design through the application of Human Systems Integration (HSI) methods.
  • the impact of increasing technology, complexity, and computerisation.
  • utilising methods to analyse complex sociotechnical systems and incidents that occur within them as whole

The STTG fosters research and the exchange of information for integrating human factors and ergonomics into the development of the HFE industry in support of existing HASANZ Workforce Development activities, and also focusing disciplines not necessarily Health and Safety related.

The focus of the STTG is to share, provide and support methodologies for understanding, developing or modernising human interactions with other humans, their equipment, their systems, the wider organisation and multitude of external factors that affect the work environment.



Members will include practitioners working in all areas of development of systems involving a human operator, or academic engaged in research, or both.

Examples of activities and methods used by the human factors and ergonomics practitioner in the development of systems include the following:

  • Function Definition and Analysis
  • Service delivery and management
  • Strategic or tactical decision making
  • Task Analysis
  • Human-Machine Interface Design and
  • Evaluation
  • Modelling and Simulation of the Human-Machine System
  • Testing Human-Machine Interface Design


Requirements for Membership

A member of any type of the HFESNZ – this is a member benefit, so if someone is interested in systems thinking and want to learn more about it from experts then we recommend they join the society.


Benefits of Membership in the STTG

The STTG, like other technical groups within the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of New Zealand, performs a variety of functions and services for its members.

The STTG provides a forum for members to share experiences and innovative methods used in systems development.

The STTG dependent on numbers, interest and motivation may publish regular newsletter content via the HFESNZ newsletter and may also seek website real estate to provide regular updates.

Given the diversity of members and the complex New Zealand system, the STTG will seek to organise meetups in a variety of locations again dependent on member numbers and locations.


Areas of Work

Where systems thinking may be utilised.

  • Research
  • Air, land sea transport
  • Office
  • Housing
  • Social care
  • Security
  • Defence
  • Healthcare
  • HSEQ
  • Management
  • Primary industries
  • Utilities
  • Sports
  • And many more …


A Typical Meeting Agenda

A typical technical group meeting would likely entail:

  • Welcomes and introductions.
  • A Systems Thinking story – keeping it basic for new people.
  • Two presentations of research or work involving systems thinking.
  • Questions and discussions of presentations.
  • A pop quiz – with prizes.


Society members can join the Systems Thinking Group by contacting society admin at