Why is Service our conference theme?

The theme of service was chosen by the HFESNZ committee because it represented many qualities and values to our members. While the term is simple, its meaning to each person is unique in its interpretation.

Service can be something you provide to:

  • your clients
  • your family
  • your culture
  • your community
  • your workplace
  • your country
  • your profession

What is the link between service and Human Factors and Ergonomics?

Servicing the needs and requirements of our clients, user population, or participants is one of the core roles of any HFE professional. Our multi-disciplinary training (psychology, systems, design, physiology, safety, biomechanics) has given us the skills to ‘understand people’ in order for us to produce work that serves to improve their lives an increase safety and improve efficiency. At a society level, many of us are volunteers that give our time, expertise and support to ensure the growth of HFE in our country. In essence, we serve the profession that serves people!

How will service be celebrated at this year’s conference?

At this year’s conference we will incorporate certain elements of service into our programme.

  • We ask delegates who are interested in presenting, to submit abstracts that reflect a service that they have provided to their clients, organisations, user groups or workers. The service can be about a single project or, a whole career of service to a particular industry or HFE-related topic. 
  • Our keynote speakers have had distinguished careers in HFE. They will be sharing their experiences in relation to service. 
  • We will recognise and honour the founding members of the HFESNZ. Their important work laid the foundation for our society today.

I’m interested in submitting an abstract, but I don’t know if my topic fits the ‘service’ theme?

As service means different things to different people there is no specific format or template for your abstract! At a minimum, we ask that you clearly describe what service that you provided, and how it benefited the client or participant.

If you need help, our team please contact our amazing conference team. If you just want to attend as a delegate, we only ask that you come with an open mind!


Inaugural meeting of the New Zealand Ergonomics Society (February 1986)