Stephven Kolose

HFESNZ 2023 Conference convener

Stephven is the current conference convener. He is both a committee member and Chair-elect for HFESNZ. Stephen is a Senior Advisor (Human Factors/Ergonomics) at WorkSafe New Zealand where he is involved with projects aimed at reducing work-related musculoskeletal disorders and good work design.

What does service mean to you?

As a pacific islander service is engrained in us since childhood. Service to our family, community, church, workplace is all demonstrated in how you act and conduct yourself.

Karen Goodfellow

HFESNZ 2023 Conference committee member

Karen has been on and off the committee since 2007 and is currently co-chairing the Healthcare Special Interest group, is Webinar Convenor, Editor of the newsletter and on the 2023 Conference Team.

Karen is currently working in Health and Safety in Queenstown but has a background education in health science in NZ, Health Economics in the UK and recently Pain and Pain Management from Otago University.

What does service mean to you?

Service to me means the sharing of knowledge, using positive language, actions and behaviour with our communities of colleagues, friends and family to have meaningful shared experiences.

Fiona Trevelyan

HFESNZ Conference Committee Member

Fiona is secretary of HFESNZ and co-leads the Healthcare Special Interest Group. Fiona is a senior lecturer at AUT, where she is involved in research and undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.  

Fiona co-led the education workstream of the WorkSafe funded Workforce Development Project with Liz Ashby which resulted in an accredited HFE postgraduate education programme for NZ.

What does service mean to you?

Service to me is about giving to people, communities, and situations and by doing so making a positive difference. I feel service involves awareness, connection, and authentically giving to add value and make things better.

Leanne Hunter

HFESNZ 2023 Conference committee member

Leanne is a member of the 2023 conference committee and sits on the Professional Affairs Board (PAB). Leanne is a Principal Advisor (Human Factors/Ergonomics) at WorkSafe New Zealand. She is involved in the work-related musculoskeletal disorders harm reduction and good work design programmes.

What does service mean to you?

Service to me means giving something back to the communities you live in, work in, or are associated with. Supporting organisations or individuals to grow and to continue developing to be the best they can be. 

Carole Unkovich

HFESNZ Administrator

In a previous life I was an Executive Assistant with great organisational ability, good time management, and I always love the tasks that other people dislike – I just love getting that stuff done! Now I love working for various organisations and providing a service that helps them to do what they love, while I do what I love.

I am currently the HFESNZ Administrator and came on board in 2019. 

What does service mean to you?

Service to me means helping anyone to achieve a better life for themselves and reaching higher standards that they set for themselves.